Ona Yote Lodge #34 J2 Revisited

Back in January 2007, I wrote about a previously unlisted Ceremonial Team Jacket Patch from Ona Yote Lodge #34 that was reported by Ray Gould from the collection of the former Lodge Advisor.

Bob Burt found a second specimen, he writes

The patch is 225mm tall and 201mm wide. I talked to the SM of a troop from the Utica area who said he was the Lodge Chief when the patches were made. There were less than 25 made according to him. He gave the boys in his troop what was left of them and told them to trade for what they could get for them.The patch design reflects the style of oriental embroidery of that time.

Here is an image with a ruler to give you an idea of the size.

Ona Yote Lodge #34 J2 with ruler

Ona Yote Lodge #34 J2 with ruler

and a clean version:

Ona Yote Lodge #34 J2

Ona Yote Lodge #34 J2

The stats for this should be:
J2 YEL R BLU – – BLK “Ceremony” RED WWW OBV sashes, Design of S4 but no FDL

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  1. Ray Gould says:

    Hi Bill-

    That patch is not even close to the other example.
    The previously known example was not fully embroidered.
    Perhaps the one obtained from Gxxxx Kxxxx was a prototype and these subsequent examples were the items which were actually ordered thereafter. Who knows? I suspect tracking down that Scoutmaster from Utica might be the best source of info. The alternative is the possibility of a fake but doesn’t smell/or feel like a fake (based on the way they were distributed).

    Best wishes-

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