NER OA – 2013 Gathering of Leaders

Here is the 2013 Patch for the Northeast Region Gathering of Leaders. This is the annual training event which has replaced the old Section Officers Seminar.

It sports a new design from the one used previous couple of years, not sure if there is only a single version or if there is a separate staff version. Can anyone provide an answer?

2013 NER Gathering of Leaders Pocket Patch

2013 NER Gathering of Leaders Pocket Patch

It sports a Red Mylar Border.

My current NER OA needs include:
Northeast Region (NER) Quality Section 2004 Blue
NER 2001 Jambo GMY border Dome,
NER 2002 NOAC GMY triangle,
NER 2004 NOAC SMY border Rectangle,
NER 2006 NOAC GMY Dome,
NER 2012 OA Leadership Team

For those who collect Northeast Region Order of the Arrow Patches Dave Scocca’s
website is invaluable.

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