ISCA and TSPA Partner for Updated OA Blue Book

This is old news, relatively speaking, since it was announced before the Jamboree; but I wanted to highlight it here since I had not reported it before.

The International Scouting Collectors Association (ISCA), and The Scout Patch Auction (TSPA), announce a new collaborative partnership to develop the next generation of Order of the Arrow issues catalog. At its June 23rd meeting, the ISCA Board approved the agreement in the final step to move this effort forward.

“Our goal is to expand upon the existing work which has been known in the past as “Blue Book” while correcting some of its weaknesses and problems” said Roy More President of TSPA. Craig Leighty, President of ISCA, added “this collaborative partnership will move forward for the hobby a representative effort to set standards and validate issues for the collector and to finally address some of the new matters, such as how to identify a lodge that has no number.”

So while it will take some time, the “Blue Book” likely under some other name will be updated and live on. Since the initial announcement ISCA, has begun forming groups/committees whose members will spearhead the project. Once the full framework is in place, it will be released to the individual lodge and area editors.

I’m on board for helping with the NY lodges. More to come I’m sure.

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