Back From The WNYTA 32nd Scout Memorabilia Trade O Ree

The 32nd Western New York Trade-O-Ree is over, time to take a few items off the needs list, file away some acquisitions and add a discovery to the checklist.

Thanks to Harry, Dirk, Marty, Paul, Don and the rest of the WNYTA for making this visitor from Southernmost New York welcome once again.

Good to see a number of old friends as well as some new faces. Finally met FTF with Chris Carlson who has been a recent contributor of images and information.

Heard that one of the tougher modern pieces from 159, the 1998 NOAC white-bordered NOAC delegate set changed hands and someone was able to cross that one off the needs list. Unfortunately is was not me.

Bob Burt showed me a previously unlisted jacket patch from Gajuka Lodge #477. I’ll be posting that one shortly.

Filled in several Section Conclave needs, picked up a 159 Chapter need, and several other newer issues from Western NY.

If you have not attended this TOR before, it is worth adding to the list if you are able.

[phpbay]Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee #159, 5[/phpbay]


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