Kittan Lodge 2013 Jamboree Trader Set S25 X13 & X14

I previously posted a sample of the artwork for the 2013 Jamboree set from Kittan Lodge #364. The flap contains the totems of the predecessor lodge, while the chevron contains a zip-line through the Summit site and the current lodge totem taking advantage of the high adventure opportunities. There are two sets with different border colors available.

The trader set has a maroon border. The porcupine-shaped dangle is the same in both sets.

Kittan Lodge 2013 Jamboree Trader Set S25  X13 & X14
Kittan Lodge 2013 Jamboree Trader Set S25 X13 & X14

The stats for this set are:
S25 MAR R LBL BLK LBL FDL; RED WWW, BLK Outlined Wht 2013 National Jamboree w/X13,X14
X13 MAR R LBL YEL YEL FDL; BLK 2013 National Jamboree w/S25, X15
X14 M/C C BRN – – Porcupine-shaped Dangle w/S25 & X13 Trader & Delegate S26 & 15


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