Look Back – Buckskin Lodge #412 Neckerchief? Is It or Isn’t It

Back in 2008 I was asked about the neckerchief shown below and whether or not it was a Buckskin Lodge #412 issue. I have never seen one before in any #412 collection, but I thought I would spotlight this again.

There was an auction on eBay recently which was purportedly for a unlisted Buckskin Lodge #412 Neckerchief.

While the neckerchief does not indicate the lodge name or number, the seller advises he was told the neckerchief was from Buckskin Lodge. The design is somewhat reminiscent of the N5 through N5.7 designs from Buckskin Lodge, however each of those eight neckerchiefs contain the Lodge name or at least the Lodge number. This design shows neither.

Can anyone provide confirmation?

[phpbay]Buckskin Lodge #412, 10[/phpbay]

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