New Lodge Announced – Saklan Lodge

Michael Soto announced on Patch-L,

Today was the final merger meeting between Esselen & Miwok Lodges and the name and totem has been chosen. Saklan Lodge is our new name and the Banana Slug will be the new totem.

Scott Shackleton the Saklan Lodge Associate Advisor notes:

There will be a flap forthcoming and it should be generally available (not some contrived rarity).

[phpbay]Saklan, 5[/phpbay]

[G]overnment should not be assumed to command more knowledge than the individuals affected. The latter, at least in the absence of the free-rider problem, have every incentive to inform themselves. Government – politicians and bureaucrats – will do so only if votes are at stake. In general, government may prove to be willing to intervene, once accorded the power, in response to decisive voter groupings and dominant pressure groups and irrespective of the underlying efficiency criterion of the public interest.
Steven N.S. Cheung The Myth of Social Cost

Author: nyoatrader
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