Loon Lodge S16 1947-2002 Flap – Identification Aid

This 55th Anniversary Flap from Loon Lodge #364 is currently not pictured at OA Iamages, if you were wondering what it looks like, here it is. It differs from the S15 in that it has yellow years rather than red. The Red years variety was the common one. The Flap with yellow years was limited in the numbers issued to Loon Lodge members and is much tougher.

Loon Lodge S16 1947-2002 55th Anniversary Flap

Loon Lodge S16 1947-2002 55th Anniversary Flap

The stats for this one are:
S16 GRN R M/C TRQ M/C FDL; YEL 1947-2002; RED WWW; 55th ANN

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