The Camp Book II

Many camp patch collectors have been waiting for years for it. The wait is now over, The Camp Book II is now available.

Bob Sherman has announced the release of the Second Edition of the Camp Book on Patch-L.

Clicking on the image will bring you to an eBay BIN where the CD can be purchased.

Dave Minnihan, Kevin Doyle and myself along with the dedicated State Editors have been working nearly 20 years to put together this 21st Century update to the original Camp Book.

The original book, published in 1993 was a little over 200 pages in length and contained what we knew about BSA camps at that time. The new Camp Book II is 1000 pages in length and lists all known BSA camps by Camp Name, by Council Name and by State to provide an outstanding resource for identifying BSA camps.

Our book contains the opening and closing dates of many camps and the progression of different Councils that owned each camp from 1910 right up to the 2012 Council mergers. There is an indication if there is a known patch from each camp as well as a box for the reader to check off if they have a patch from that camp. Segregated Scout Camps (SSC’s) are identified and there is also a separate section listing the known SSC’s.

The Camp Book II is being released in three formats – as a download, on a CD and as a loose-leaf printed version (500 pages back to back with 3 holes punched in each page). It is recommended that if one obtains the printed version, they place it in a 3 ring “view” binder with a clear plastic outer cover so the color cover sheet can be inserted in the cover sleeve.

Everyone who obtains the book in any of the formats is strongly urged to register the book with us to be eligible for future updates.

I’ve ordered mine. When are you getting your copy?

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