Site Issues

Over the past week, the site has been experiencing availability issues and redirects to inappropriate sites. This seems to be the result of issues experienced by the Web host.

he web is full of nice people and not-so-nice people. We are on constant watch for the not-so-nice people, and there is no shortage of them. We see thousands of attempted hack attempts against our customer database every day (most are automated), and we have been able to intercept and mitigate them all. Hackers want to touch your junk, and it’s our job to keep them at bay.
• We performed a full audit of all of our legacy systems, removing unnecessarily stored data and improving the encryption of private data where applicable.

• We put new monitoring systems in place to better prepare us to react to any new threats that may arise.

• We’ve rolled out more thorough auditing processes to make certain our systems are kept in a proper configuration from here on out.
• We are automatically cleaning hacked sites and proactively looking for signs of compromise. As part of this ongoing effort we are sending diagnostic scans to customers and cleaning certain specific hacked injections that we have found in large quantities.

I have spent hours deleting and reinstalling various themes, plugins and other data to resolve the issues with the site.

Dreamhost is conducting further scans to ensure that there are no legacy issues remaining.

Please let me know if you experience any more unexpected issues or redirects.

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