1993 NE-2A Section Conclave

The 1993 Section NE-2A conclave was hosted by a lodge headquartered in Vermont, Ajapeu #351 and held at Camp Sunrise. This was during the period when Section NE-2A included lodges from both New York and New England.

As usual there was a pocket patch:

1993 NE-2A Section Pocket Patch

Another unusual thing, the host lodge number is incorrect on the patch.

This is a need of mine if anyone has one available.

and the host lodge issued a pocket flap for their members staffing the event.

1993 Section NE-2A Host Lodge Flap Ajapeu Lodge #351 F1

Thanks to Roy Weatherbee for the scans. Were there any other issues for this event?

According to the OA Section List, the lodges in NE-2A at the time were:

  • Ganienkeh Lodge#19
  • Wakpominee Lodge #48
  • Loon Lodge #364
  • Ajapeu Lodge #351 (from NE-1A)
  • Memsochet Lodge #507 (from NE-1A)



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  1. Rob Higgins says:

    Please update the above lodge list, which comes from the OA Section List. There were no changes to the membership of NE-2A that year. As shown on the n/c issued the previous year, Ganienkeh 19, Wakpominee 48, Loon 364, Ajapeu 351, Memsochet 507 were constituent lodges.

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