Area 2-A 1958 NOAC Contingent Neckerchief

OK, so its not a conclave issue. There was no Area 2-A Conclave in 1958, but the Area did produce a contingent Neckerchief to the 1958 held at Lawrence Kansas.

Area 2-A 1958 NOAC Contingent Neckerchief

According to Rob Higgens OA Section List, the following Lodges were part of Area 2-A:

  • Ranachqua Lodge #4
  • Mide Lodge #15
  • Shu-Shu-Gah Lodge #24
  • Suanhacky Lodge #49
  • Skanondo Lodge #64
  • Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82
  • Aquehongian Lodge #112
  • Horicon Lodge #246
  • Shinnecock Lodge #360
  • Buckskin Lodge #412
  • Nooteeming Lodge #443
  • Munsi Lodge #444


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