Half Moon Lodge #28 Vigil Flap Variation S10a & S10b

I was recently reviewing some older emails and came across a note from Tom Wadnola regarding the S10 Vigil flap from Half Moon Lodge #28. It appears that at one point the flap was reordered, and the differences seem to be enough to warrant an a and b variety.

The newer variety is wider from side to side and a bit narrower from top to bottom.  The lettereing in the new er one is dark green and the you can see white under the mylar border.

Half Moon Lodge #28 Vigil flap S10a and S10b

The Blue Book stats should be:
S10a SMY R WHT GRN GRN FDL;PB; VIG; 50 x 114mm
S10b SMY R WHT DGR DGR FDL;PB; VIG; 48 x 117mm

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