No Northeast Region OA Patch for the 2010 Jamboree

I had previously written about the 2010 Northeast Region Chief flap set. Dave Scocca who maintains a  Northeast Region OA checklist left a comment which I thought desereved to be highlighted.  For those who collect Northest Region OA Issues, Dave found out:

According to an email I received from the Region Chairman shortly before NJ, there was no NE Region OA Jambo patch this year. (At the previous three Jamborees there has been such a patch, and at the last two there has also been a mylar-bordered limited edition passed out by the Region Chief.)

Foer those of who who collect all Northeast REgion Jamboree issues, Dave has updated his Northeast Region Jamboree checklist to include the 2010 issues. 


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Author: nyoatrader
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