Kittan Lodge #364 BSA Centennial Black Ghost S12

This is the last of 4 Centennial flaps issued by Kittan Lodge #364 sent by Ansell Alberga. This flap is a full black ghost version with all of the predecessor lodge totems, the FDL, the Lodge name and 1910-2010 BSA Centennial in black. Unlike the previous 3 flaps, this one was only available if you bought the full set. The others were sold individually. There were reportedly only 100 of the full ghost flap made.

Kittan Lodge #364 BSA Centennial Black Ghost S12

the stats for this one should be:
S12 BLK R BLK BLK BLK FDL; BLK WWW 1910-2010 BSA Centennial ghosted predecessor lodge totems – BLK Ghost


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