Shared Items From Around The Web – July 3, 2010


Kittan Lodge #364 Full Color Centennial Flap S9

This is the first of 4 Centennial flaps issued by Kittan Lodge #364 sent by Ansell Alberga. The first flap is a full color version with all of the predecessor lodge totems in full color and a ghosted DBL FDL.

Kittan Lodge #364 Centennial Flap S10

The Blue Book Stats for this one should be:
S9 GRN R M/C RED DBL FDL; RED WWW 1910-2010 BSA Centennial full color predecessor lodge totems

“In every government there necessarily exists a power from which there is no appeal, and which, for that reason, may be formed absolute and uncontrollable. The person or assembly in whom this power resides is called the sovereign or supreme power of the state. With us, the sovereignty of the Union is in the people.” – Charles Pinckney, 1788