Otetiana/Finger Lakes Councils Merger Update



  1. Greg Pioppi says:

    I always wondered about those deer…..I think it is due to them inhabiting the old NIKE missile site there…. Or it could be due to the Coast Guard’s LORAN C transmitter on the site…. 🙂

    Greg P.
    From the land of Crayola

  2. Matthew Crance says:

    We had a few of the deer pass through Hovey when the fence went down for a bit. They are white deer with brown eyes and are not albinos. This is caused by a recessive gene in the deer. This is the first time I hear of the “ghost deer lodge” I know “white deer lodge” was mentioned to our NOAC contingent. O well I guess the kids will hash everything out in September.

  3. Bro. AJK says:

    Dear Bill,

    This sounds better than when my lodge (Amo’Chk’ 339) merged. It seems they are doing things that should have been done when mine merged. Perhaps they are looking at the suppression of Cayuga County/Tahgajute and are striving to avoid that.

  4. Matthew Crance says:

    umm, yeah we were trying to avoid the taking over part. Basicly it came down to ok you can vote to merge peacefully now and on your terms or in 6 months we are forcing you to merge and that may not be on your terms. It was a hard decision….

  5. Matthew Crance says:

    From the ganeodiyo lodge chief-
    “As of the start of the year our totem will be the Ghost Deer, and our name will be some version of that name, either Ghost Deer, or White Deer, in either Lenni Lenappe or an Iroqouis Language will be our name. One of our earliest objectives will be to build a new lodge room, “The Rack”, at Babcock Hovey, a point the combined merger of committee agreed would be the best course of action.”

    Ganeodiyo has a final Fall fellowship in October and might be having a goodbye diner in NOV or DEC.

    The first combined lodge function with former Ganeodiyo and Ty-Ohni will be the family banquet in Jan according tot he Lodge advisor as the two lodges will be merged as of Jan 1st 2010

  6. Bro. AJK says:

    Dear Matt,

    That is good. I was concerned about B-H.

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