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Hardest NY OA To Collect


Hardest NY OA To Collect

There was a thread on Patch-L regarding what were the harder (or hardest) OA to collect from your Lodge or Section or State. Now in New York there are the obvious Wakoda A1 or Hanigus R1; but both are likely $ 15,000 items. There are also a number of slightly lower tier items like the Nick Stoner A1 which are certainly tough, but are seen on a semi-regular basis. With deep enough pockets or the right trade material they are obtainable.

You can add your thoughts to the discussion by adding a comment or emailing me at nyoatrader -at- nyoatrader dot com and I’ll work it into a future installment.

I’ll add my thoughts on the NYC area lodges, but here are Mike Hulsizer’s thoughts on the lodges he collects. Mike maintains a great collecting resource for these lodges, the Western New York Order of the Arrow Patch History.

I collect 3 lodges from WNY. Most pieces are pretty easy to get. However, a few are tough.
284 Tuscarora:

R1: Probably the most expensive piece from this lodge (~$125) but they are floating around on eBay.

L1: Rarest piece – never seen on eBay.

I did pick up an 284L1 on eBay years back, but is was not properly described. Unless you know what you’re looking for, you would not know what it was.

Tuscarora Lodge #284 L1

Image used by permission of OA Images

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Buckskin Lodge #412 Training Patch R10 – Staff

New Issue This is the second of two new Training Patches from Buckskin Lodge #412 reported by Brian Petrowski.

…attached you will find scans of the 2008 Training patches from Buckskin Lodge. … The Silver metallic border (R10) was issued to training staff and 12 were made.

Buckskin Lodge #412 Training Patch R10 - Staff

Blue Book stats for this one should be:

R10 SMY R WHT RED YEL FDL; RED Training (staff)

[phpbay]Buckskin Lodge #412, 10[/phpbay]


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Buckskin Lodge #412 Training Patch R9

New IssueBrian Petrowski brings word of a new Training Patches from Buckskin Lodge #412.

…attached you will find scans of the 2008 Training patches from Buckskin Lodge. The green border (R9) was issued for participants and 50 were made.

Buckskin Lodge #412 Training Patch R9

The Blue Book stats for this one should be:


[phpbay]Buckskin Lodge #412, 10[/phpbay]


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OA Images – Mainly Back Up

The Internet Guide to OA Insignia

John Pannell continues to work to bring his site back up and has added the following update:

2/21/2008 4:00am: After agonizing over trivial details, knowing the solutions had to be easy but were still escaping me, lots of progress has been made in the past couple of hours:

  • The original home page of this site, along with the rest of the public side of this site including the lodge pages are now back online.
  • The members area (price guide) is online.
  • I’m probably the only one that really cares, but “nice” URLs are back in use on the blog

Hopefully full functionality will be back soon.  Kudos to John for maintaining the site and working to get it back up as  quickly as he can.


Need a New Computer?

Perhaps a Univac?

UNIVAC is one of the earliest commercial computers and was easily the most famous computer of the 1950s. This film, produced between 1950 and 1952, shows how the UNIVAC computer was used in business, defense and by the census.

Hat Tip: IO9


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Shinnecock Lodge #360 Penataquit Chapter eX1982

Identification AidWith OA Images down, I’m not sure if this Penataquit Chapter of Shinnecock Lodge #360 event patch is posted to John’s site. It is not pictured in the Tracker Software, so let me show it here.

hinnecock Lodge #360 Penataquit Chapter eX1982

The Blue Book designation for this one is the Pentaquit Chapter eX1982.

As of this writing, it is a duplicate of mine if anyone is interested you can contact me at nyoatrader@(nospam) Just remove the (nospam). I’m interested in other NYS OA chapter issues.


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OA Images Down – Updated & Bumped

The Internet Guide to OA Insignia


John Pannell has advised that both his main site, OA Images and his OA Images Blog are down. He had reported that he was experiencing some server issues, but that is not the only problem.


He has posted a static page with the following information :

Yes, this site is completely offline except for this temporary page. was hit by hackers. While they did no damage to the site or its data, they did compromise the server’s security. Specifically, these overgrown imps installed software called “John The Ripper” which is used to crack passwords on other servers.

While we restore the server’s operating system and the reload all the other various programs and files, this site will remain offline. We hope to be back again in a few days.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

If we have any further updates, we will pass them on.

Update from John:

2/20/2008 12:45pm:, as a domain, is up again. Nothing works yet, but at least you can see the domain again without going here. Further updates will be posted there or in the blog (once it’s back up).


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