Items Stolen at the Dallas TOR

There were a number of posts a couple of weeks ago on Patch-L regarding 3 major pieces that were stolen from tableholders at the Dallas TOR.  John Pannell wrote on his blog in part:

Jody Tucker of Manion’s has made it known through patch-l that several valuable items of Scouting memorabilia were apparently stolen at this patch weekend’s Dallas TOR.   He writes:

Unfortunately, there were some items that were stolen late yesterday afternoon. The three items were a 154 Checote F1, 370 Moswetuset S1, and a 1969 San Gabriel Valley Red & White Strip. These were taken off three different tables and by the nature of the items, the person responsible knew what they were taking.

Bob McCanless posts an update on his blog which includes a scan of the 154F1 and the following description from the owner

Thanks for your note on my patch theft at the Dallas TOR. I am attaching a scan of the patch “before” I cleaned it up. The cleaned patch was white, no spots however the border was not in very good shape and it looked a bit “lumpy”. the border was loose and was put in the best shape possible. The patch could be recognized as I had to use a blue marker to fill in a couple of spots on the border.


Read both John and Bob’s posts and keep your eye out for this one.  154’s are ususally one of the last 10 (or 5) on peoples number lists.  They dont show up too often.

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