Lodge #95 Ty-Ohni Chenille ZC4 Private Issue

Roy More of TPSA recently had an unusual Chennile from Lodge #95. There was a question posed by Rob Cunningham of Ty-Ohni and Roys’ response.

Hi I am the Trading Post Advisor for Ty-Ohni Lodge. This appears to have been an unauthorized item please explain how you obtained it.

I got it from an estate collection about 10 years ago. There is a tag on the back that says one of 3 made. My guess is that someone at that time ordered up a sample for the lodge to consider making. Given the manufacturer who made this, it is probably about 15 years old. Regards, Roy

You can see the image below:

Ty-Ohni Lodge 95 XC4 Back ViewTy-Ohni Lodge 95 XC4

Blue Book Style Stats:
ZC 4 – – GLD BLK BLK Design of J5 Private Issue


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  1. Rob Cunningham says:

    I did some more research into this item– Around 1995 Jamie Gagnon was lodge chief and had a few prototypes of this design made, but it was never approved or manufactured. Unless the manufacturer made additional copies, only three of these were made, and Jamie still has one.

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