ClothTalk 007 – Neckerchiefs

ClothTalk has another interesting podcast on neckerchiefs, their history and use in the OA as a way to represent the lodge at area and national events. If you haven’t heard it yet, it worth checking out. Here is how they introduce it.

ClothTalk 007 – Neckerchiefs

by Ben Killen on June 18th, 2006

Achunanchi 135 neckerchief
This week Ben and Tim review veiwer mail.
– Do you know what the first two piece OA issue was?
– Spoof merit Badges. Earn enough and get your turkey award.
– Who really issued the Hooters spoof? Do you know? Was it you?

Read “Scouting With a Neckerchief”
BY COMMODORE W. E. Longfellow at:

Our guest, Dr. James Flatt shares his extensive neckerchief collection. As one of the oldest parts of the Scout uniform, neckerchiefs are often hard to find and identify. However, almost lodges have had a Neckerchief. What does yours look like?

– When was the last time you wore a neckerchief?
– Do you remember those Scout shirts without collars?

You may find a neckerchief with the lodge flap or lodge patch sewn in it. Why? It may very well be a conference contingent neckerchief–not just something a Scouts mom made!


2006 NE-3B NOAC Section Set

As has been its practice for the last several NOAC’s Section NE-3B will be issuing a Section set composed of 8 flaps (one for each lodge) and a backpatch with each lodges name,

The lodges in NE-3B include:  Haudenausee #19, Half Moon #28, Ga Hon Ga #34, Otahnagon #172, Kayanernh-Kowa #219, Tahgajute #247, Loon #364, and Onteroraus #402.

Here is an artists rendition of the Jacket Patch.

2006 NOAC NE-3B Section Jacket Patch

[phpbay]Otahnagon Lodge,10[/phpbay]

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