Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219 NE-3A 2012 NOAC Flap S9

In addition to two 2-piece sets, Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219 also issued a flap as part of the Section NE-3A set. The set shared a common design with the lodge name on each flap in the series.

Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219 NE-3A 2012 NOAC Flap S9

The stats for this flap are:
S9 RED R BLK RED BLK FDL, RED NE-3A, WWW, 2012; BLK NOAC part of NE-3A set

I was not at NOAC this time around, so keep feeding information of NOAC issues that I have not previously posted. You can find my full NYS 2012 Checklist here.

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We flatter ourselves undeservedly if we represent human civilization as entirely the product of conscious reason or as the product of human design, or when we assume that it is necessarily in our power deliberately to re-create or to maintain what we have built without knowing what we are doing. Though our civilization is the result of a cumulation of individual knowledge, it is not by the explicit or conscious combination of all this knowledge in any individual brain, but by its embodiment in symbols which we use without understanding them, in habits and institutions, tools and concepts, that man in society is constantly able to profit from a body of knowledge neither he nor any other man completely possesses. Many of the greatest things that man has achieved are the result not of consciously directed thought, and still less the product of a deliberately coordinated effort of many individuals, but of a process in which the individual plays a part which he can never fully understand. They are greater than any individual precisely because they result from the combination of knowledge more extensive than a single mind can master….F. A. Hayek


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