Half Moon Lodge #28 2012 NOAC Trader Set S41 X12

Half Moon Lodge issued two 2-piece sets for the 2012 NOAC. Both shared the same design but had different border colors. Here is the first set the yellow bordered trader.

Half Moon Lodge #28 2012 NOAC Trader Set S41 X12

The stats for this flap are:
S41 YEL C M/C M/C GRN FDL Red outlined WHT Lodge name, NOAC 2012 RED 28, GRN WWW, YEL WWW w/X12 – Trader
X12 YEL C M/C – GRN FDL Red outlined WHT Rip Van Winkle Council, NOAC 2012; w/S41 – Trader

there were reportedly 200 of these sets issued.

I was not at NOAC this time around, so keep feeding information of NOAC issues that I have not previously posted. You can find my full NYS 2012 Checklist here.

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