Order of the Arrow Handbook Checklist Update

ChecklistThanks to Terry Grove, Jack Meyers and Charlie Tanner for information and scans which allowed me to update my OA Handbook Checklist for the 2009 NOAC Issue.

The 2009 Version of the OAHB, has a new cover with a map and high adventure theme.

2009 OA Handbook

2009 OA Handbook

There was also a tri-fold supplement to the handbook given out to NOAC attendees.

2009 NOAC Supplement to the OAHB

2009 NOAC Supplement to the OAHB

Was there any supplement to the 2006 NOAC OAHB?

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  1. Bro. AJK says:

    I would never think this was an OA handbook because it has none of the story implied. Yet, it makes sense as the OA is honor campers.

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