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Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219?

Brother Andrew sends along a pointer to the Lodge web page.  It seems, at least for now, that Lowanne Nimat will be using #219 as did Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge.


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Lowanne Nimat Lodge

It official, form the Council newsletter:

The Kayanernh Kowa and Tahgajute Lodges have merged as of January 1, 2010. The new Lodge name is Lowanne Nimat which translates as ―Brothers of the North. The new Lodge totem is Gougou which translates as ―A giant, man-like beast.

This is an exciting time to be a member of the Order of the Arrow and to meet new friends bound together in brotherhood and service. Please make sure that your dues are paid and your membership is current so that you get to take part in all of the new activities including the upcoming annual Lodge banquet and the annual Spring Service Weekend to be held at Camp Woodland in May and the Re-Dedication in June.


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Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge #219 No More?


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