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Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219?

Brother Andrew sends along a pointer to the Lodge web page.  It seems, at least for now, that Lowanne Nimat will be using #219 as did Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge.


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Lowanne Nimat Lodge

It official, form the Council newsletter:

The Kayanernh Kowa and Tahgajute Lodges have merged as of January 1, 2010. The new Lodge name is Lowanne Nimat which translates as ―Brothers of the North. The new Lodge totem is Gougou which translates as ―A giant, man-like beast.

This is an exciting time to be a member of the Order of the Arrow and to meet new friends bound together in brotherhood and service. Please make sure that your dues are paid and your membership is current so that you get to take part in all of the new activities including the upcoming annual Lodge banquet and the annual Spring Service Weekend to be held at Camp Woodland in May and the Re-Dedication in June.


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Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge #219 No More?

As regular readers will remember, after Hiawatha Seaway Council absorbed Cayuga County Council, the new council changed its name to Longhouse Council.  At the time, there were rumors the lodge would change its name too.

Ray Gould passes along some information he received on a new name for Kayanernh-Kowa Lodge#219.

Am passing it along for what it’s worth.  …. I like the name and I had suggested the totem based on accounts by early settlers/explorers.  I am really excited to have a totem which is FUN!

Here was the message he received:

The new lodge name is Lowanne Nimat which means (Brothers of the North) our totem is the Gougou which is like a Sasquatch. We need ideas for a new lodge flap possibly a design for it. We are looking to get it made so that we can give it to members at the Winter Banquet on March 6th.

The new name is confirmed on the Lodge website.

No word on if they will use any sort of number for the lodge. More information as it becomes available.


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Boy Scout Council loses in court

Boy Scout Council loses in court

That was the headline in the Watertown Daily Times in describing the situation between Cayuga County Council and the BSA after National pulled the Council’s charter and forced the merger with Hiawatha Seaway Council.

Merging of the Hiawatha Seaway Boy Scout Council and the Cayuga County Council hasn’t gone smoothly.

In a tussle over ownership of nearly $1 million in assets, a state Supreme Court judge has ruled that the former Cayuga Council must turn it over to the national Boy Scouts of America.

The Dec. 21 decision by Judge Ann Marie Taddeo determined that the BSA was within its rights not to renew the Cayuga Council’s charter and that once it is dissolved, all of the council’s property should revert to the BSA.

Follow the link for the full article.


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Hiawatha Seaway Council Changes its Name

It official, I had earlier reported that Hiawatha Seaway Council was planning to change its name.

Steve Austin reported:

the 2 finalists that the Executive Board is voting on now are:
Longhouse Council and Adirondack Foothills Council.  I will let you know what wins as soon as I hear.
Both Steve Austin and Dick Krzyiewski have reported that a final decision has been announced.

Second, the voting for a new council name is complete.  We will now be called “Longhouse Council”.  The new council name reflects the area’s rich Native American history that is a common bond throughout our entire service area.  Of course, by-laws and court documents will need to be filed and we will complete that work in a timely manner.

No word on the Lodge or when a new CSP will be issued.  The Council had earlier stated that the 2010 JSP set would have the new Council Name.  Don’t know if this will be the first issue?


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Cayuga County Council – Court rules against local Boy Scouts in merger battle – Court rules against local Boy Scouts in merger battle

The New York Supreme Court in Cayuga County ruled on Dec. 21 that the Cayuga County Boy Scouts Council #366 must hand over the properties and assets it’s been holding just out of reach of the national Boy Scouts of America organization’s grasp.

This is where some of the assets of the old Cayuga County Council were withheld during the absorption by Hiawatha Seaway Council this past summer.

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Name That Council – Hiawatha Seaway Council

Hiawatha Seaway Council President Robert Berger announced on November 11th, 2009 the formation of an ad hoc Committee to coordinate the process of selecting a new name for our combined Boy Scout Council.

The committee will consist of five members representing, marketing, public relations, and communications; and will draw members from Cayuga County, the Syracuse Area, and the North Country.

The suggestion nomination process has ended. Stay tuned for more information!

Steve Austin reports:

the 2 finalists that the Executive Board is voting on now are:
Longhouse Council and Adirondack Foothills Council.  I will let you know what wins as soon as I hear.
No word if the Lodge will be changing its name/number.

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