Sisilija Lodge #19 J2a and J2b

Discovery – Sisilija Lodge #19 J2a and J2b

Recently I was comparing what I thought was a dupe, and dicovered an unlisted variety of the Sisilija Lodge #19 J2. There are both Twill left and twill right varieties.

Sisilija Lodge #19 J2a and J2b
Sisilija Lodge #19 J2a and J2b

Clicking on the image will bring you to a higher resolution image. The top is Twill Left (TL), and the bottom patch is Twill Right (TR)
The Blue Book describes it as:
J2 BLK R ORG RED YEL FDL; 101×202 mm flap shape; F10 design

will amend my lest to :
J2a BLK R ORG RED YEL FDL; 101×202 mm flap shape; F10 design TL
J2b BLK R ORG RED YEL FDL; 101×202 mm flap shape; F10 design TR

I still have a couple of Sisilija Lodges Needs including the N0.5 if anyone has one available for sale or trade.

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Author: Bill

2 thoughts on “Discovery – Sisilija Lodge #19 J2a and J2b

  1. From Twin Rivers Council resident Sisilija expert:

    WOW, news to me Joe, the J2 was a Council Exec – Vince Scisinski mistake.

    The J2 was a small one loom run. It was “supposed” to be the Conclave Backpatch, and somehow the order got switched with the Flap that was ordered at the same time. The gold fdl was one of my projects/contributions.

    I don’t see how a small one run issue would have a variation, the second one would possibly be a fake? There were no reorders to my knowledge following. Why would a mistake be reordered?

    I know when it was received, there was a question whether to send it back to the Manufacturer to correct the mistake, then the Sagamore (which I was a part of) decided to sell them for $5 each as a fundraiser.

    Now to determine “which is the correct mistake?” Will have to check mine.

  2. Bill,

    This is an interesting find. I was past lodge chief of Sisilija when these were purchased. I can confirm that there was ONMLY ONE RUN of these patches. The existence of these patches is because of an error in reordering flaps. The intent was to place a reorder of 019B F10. What we got was the “back patches” J2. The error was on our part, so we kept and sold the J2s, but there was never a second order made. I don’t have an explanation of why there are two twill varieties, save material in the single run got loaded into the embroidery machine differently.

    I have 3-4 of these, so now I need to go and check to see what I have.

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