Look Back – Suanhacky Lodge Rockaway Chapter X2

A Look Back

I posted this back in September 2014.

During the 1960’s Rockaway Chapter used these generic Seahorse felts as Chapter issues. There are two versions, the X1 (6 inches tall) and the X2 pictured below was four inches tall.

Suanhacky Lodge Rockaway Chapter X2
Suanhacky Lodge Rockaway Chapter X2

The Blue Book describes it as:
X2 WHT – GRN – – felt; 4″ seahorse;

Anyone have the 6 inch version available for trade or sale? I have one of the X2’s available for trade for my Suanhacky Needs.
My current Suanhacky Lodge needs include:
X6 GMY R DBL YEL 50th ANN KEYHOLE; YEL star above sash
Amagansett X1 WHT BRN 6″ stag head (training); 1960’s
Rockaway X1 WHT GRN felt; 6 ” seahorse
Tatanka X1a BRN WHT BRN trapezoid hat patch; SSC; WHT arrow; 1st level; (1988)
Tatanka X1.3 BRN WHT BRN trapezoid hat patch; SSC; RED arrow; 2nd level; (1989)
Tatanka X1.7 BRN WHT BRN trapezoid; SSC; RED arrow but buffalo is filled in; 3rd level; (1990)
White Buffalo N1 RED P WHT WHT SSC


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