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Look Back – Suanhacky Lodge Rockaway Chapter X2

A Look Back

I posted this back in September 2014.

During the 1960’s Rockaway Chapter used these generic Seahorse felts as Chapter issues. There are two versions, the X1 (6 inches tall) and the X2 pictured below was four inches tall.

Suanhacky Lodge Rockaway Chapter X2

Suanhacky Lodge Rockaway Chapter X2

The Blue Book describes it as:
X2 WHT – GRN – – felt; 4″ seahorse;

Anyone have the 6 inch version available for trade or sale? I have one of the X2’s available for trade for my Suanhacky Needs.
My current Suanhacky Lodge needs include:
X6 GMY R DBL YEL 50th ANN KEYHOLE; YEL star above sash
Amagansett X1 WHT BRN 6″ stag head (training); 1960’s
Rockaway X1 WHT GRN felt; 6 ” seahorse
Tatanka X1a BRN WHT BRN trapezoid hat patch; SSC; WHT arrow; 1st level; (1988)
Tatanka X1.3 BRN WHT BRN trapezoid hat patch; SSC; RED arrow; 2nd level; (1989)
Tatanka X1.7 BRN WHT BRN trapezoid; SSC; RED arrow but buffalo is filled in; 3rd level; (1990)
White Buffalo N1 RED P WHT WHT SSC



Updated Location – ALLEGHENY HIGHLANDS Council Annual Trade-O-Ree May 15, 2021

Annual ALLEGHENY HIGHLANDS Council Trade-O-Ree May 15, 2021

The Annual ALLEGHENY HIGHLANDS Trade-O-Ree scheduled for May 15, 2021 to Benefit the HO NAN NE HO ONT LODGE, Order of the Arrow has a new location announced. The TOR normally sells out, so if your interested get your reservations in.


When:Saturday, May 15, 2021 (10 am – 4 pm) Set up begins at 9:00 AM

Updated April 23, 2021 to reflect venue change.
Where: Limestone Fireman’s Clubhouse
616 N. Main St.

Limestone, NY 14753

Tables:Scout Memorabilia (Sellers or Traders) and Scouting Activities are $15 each

Admission Free to scouts in uniform, $1 for all others

Regular Auction: 2:00PM sharp.

For more info contact: rymorris at hotmail dot com

Here is the updated flyer for the TOR with the new location.

Since they have moved to the spring, the logistics for this finally work for me, I’m planning to attend and will be looking for new NY OA issues and some fellowship with my fellow threadheads.

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Scouting Hot Finds Radio Podcast #96 Creating Scouting Memorabilia Collecting Guides

Jason Spangler has created another podcast for Scouting Hotfinds Radio #96 Creating Scouting Memorabilia Collecting Guides With Wiatt Williamson.

He explains

Wiatt Williamson has cracked the code on how to write a Scouting memorabilia guide book. In his years in the hobby he has written over a dozen guides for Order of the Arrow lodges, councils and camps. In this interview he shares the blueprint and makes an offer to share his easy to use template with everyone out there. I think that his idea can be a powerful positive force for the hobby. Imagine if in your state there was a free PDF for all CSPs (David McIntyre) or for the camps that have been part of your council’s legacy through mergers. If you write it they will collect it to twist a line from a classic movie. You can email Wiatt Williamson with questions about the template.

Listen to “#96 Creating Scouting Memorabilia Collecting Guides With Wiatt Williamson” on Spreaker.

Guides don’t need to be hundreds of pages and can be very targeted for a specific audience. What guide would you create?

Download Wiatt’s free template to make collectors guides here.

Here is a link to Eagle Peak Stores Collecting Guides Wiatt mentions in the podcast.

Let Jason know if you want to see more of these.

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