Kintecoying Lodge #4 Trails of Ten Mile River 3-piece set S8 X5 X6

I had originally posted about this At the time, I was undecided about how to list the vrious pieces.

Kintecoying Lodge in conjunction with the Greater New York Council and the Ten Mile Scout Museum has issued a three piece set, CSP, Flap and Chevron which commemorates the 90th Anniversary of Ten Mile River Scout Camps, the 20th Anniversary of the TMR Museum and the hiking trails of TMR. The overall design of the three piece set depicts a topographic map of Ten Mile River Scout Camps.

My original thought was to only list the flap and chevron as a Lodge issue. The CSP does not contain any mention of the lodge so I was not prepared to list it as a lodge issue.

As I prepared to write up the stats, I realized the chevron only indicates the TMR Museum.

After thinking about if, and since the lodge sold the 3 piece sets at various lodge events, I decided to list all three pieces. As always, your mileage may vary and feel free to collect what you want.

Kintecoying Lodge #4 Trails of Ten Mile River 3-piece set

Kintecoying Lodge #4 Trails of Ten Mile River 3-piece set

The stats for this would be:
S8 RED R LGR BLK LGR FDL BLK The Trails of TMR, TMR90 Logo
X5 RED R LGR – LGR FDL BLK Ten Mile River Scout Museum 20th Anniversary 1997-2017 Chevron
X6 RED R LGR – LGR FDL; BLK Greater New York Councils, Trails of T.M.R. – CSP

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