Tschipey Achtu Lodge #(95) Section NE-3A 2018 NOAC Flap S32

Each NOAC going back a couple of decades, Section NE-3A and its predecessors have issued a set of flaps including one for each member lodge. Currently members of each lodge could order individual flaps from their home lodge and sets of the 5 lodges which make up the section. So their are different numbers made of each flap. For NOAC 2018, each flap shares a common design with the individual lodge name and a different border color for each flap.

Tschipey Achtu Lodge #(95) has a light gray border.

Tkaen DoD Lodge #30 Section NE-3A 2018 NOAC Flap S47

Tkaen DoD Lodge #30 Section NE-3A 2018 NOAC Flap S47

The stats for this one are:
S32 GRY R BLK RED WHT FDL; RED NE-3A, NOAC 2018, Weld Tightly Every Link, BLK WWW – Section NE-3A Set

According to the OA Section List, Section NE-3A contains:

  • TKäen DoD Lodge #30
  • Tschipey Achtu Lodge #95/397
  • Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge #159
  • Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219
  • Ashokwahta Lodge #3390


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