Look Back – Buckskin Lodge #412 Neckerchief N8

Two years ago I was posting about a then new neckerchief from Buckskin Lodge #412 submitted by Brian Petrowski.

Here is the new Buckskin Lodge neckerchief Buckskin Lodge and the fleur di li are ghosted but you can see them in this image. The arrow and white line are embroidered. This is the neckerchief that new brothers that complete their Ordeal will receive in their kits.

Buckskin Lodge #412 Neckerchief N8

Buckskin Lodge #412 Neckerchief N8

The stats for this one should be:
N8 – – BLK DBL DBL FDL, EMB Red Arrow, WHT Stripe

I’m looking for one of these if anyone has one for trade or sale?