Ktemaque Lodge #15 Mountainbiking Patch X40

Ktemaque Lodge #15 won an OA Service Grant in 2015 which was used on a Mountain Biking Program.

Ktemaque Lodge received $4,300 to provide a mountain biking trail and related equipment for the Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation. Matched with lodge funds, our council was able to launch a mountain biking program in record time. This summer, campers at Read were able to enjoy 20 bikes and gear, featuring red OA branded water bottles, after our brothers toiled arduously in May during our Ordeal Weekend constructing the required bike trails

One of the ways they raised funds was through odd shaped dangle to support the program and shown below.

Ktemaque Lodge #15 Mountainbiking Patch X40

Ktemaque Lodge #15 Mountainbiking Patch X40

The stats are:
X40 – GLD C GLD RED GLD FDL; BLK Mountainbiking Outlined WHT


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