Area 2-G 1956 Conclave Neckerchief?

Looking deep into my Inbox, I’ve come across a number of scans from Mark Eddy relating to Central NY and Area 2G and its successors.

One of the items in the email was an image of what he advises is the 1956 Area 2-G Conclave Neckerchief. HE advises this has been confirmed to him by an old Lodge and Area Chief.

2-G 1956 Conclave Neckerchief?

2-G 1956 Conclave Neckerchief?

The neckerchief looks like it has an error which was likely never corrected. You can see the pocket patch shown below.

You can see that this conclave was called the Area 2G Third Conference and the neckerchief is screened with Area 2 & 3 Conference. It looks like the & replaces the G and there is a large gap between the 3 and Conference which could have been intended as 3rd.

Historically Area 2-G issued a pocket patch and a neckerchief for each conclave during this decade.

What do you think?

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