Look Back – Ashokwahta Lodge #339 Service and Fellowship eX2011

Five years ago I posted about an event issue from Ashokwahta Lodge #339 a feather shaped patch issued for Service and Fellowship and designated the eX2011.

Ashokwahta Lodge #339 Service and Fellowship eX2011

The numbering for this issue should be:
eX2011 M/C C WHT LBL YEL 2011 FDL; LBL Service & Fellowship 2011

What has Ashokwahta Lodge #339 issued since the 2015 NOAC? Inquiribng minds want to know (and trade for it)?

“[T]he duty imposed upon [the president] to take care, that the laws be faithfully executed, follows out the strong injunctions of his oath of office, that he will ‘preserve, protect, and defend the constitution.’ The great object of the executive department is to accomplish this purpose; and without it, be the form of government whatever it may, it will be utterly worthless.” –Joseph Story