Look Back – Modern Limited Rarities

Nine years ago in August 2007 I wrote a post on http://www.nyoatrader.com/blog/2007/08/18/modern-limited-rarities/.

This is where a single individual or small group is awarded a special limited run patch. Perhaps as a recognition for a job well done, to commemorate or section, region or national office or even for attending an event as a delegate. Here was my contribution to the discussion.

I agree that, in general, all lodge issues should be available to all lodge members although they should be only worn by those who are earned or are otherwise entitled to wear them.

Now of course as I’m a collector, I could be accused of a bit of bias.

One thing I think some LEC’s and their advisors lose sight of in their quest for “Limited Rarities” is who supports the lodge financially.

Most events run on a break even basis at best and in some cases are subsidized from general funds. Lodges are asked to support their councils and camps financially. A chief or LEC may have a pet project they want to push, and while not true of all lodges, many lodges are run off the profits from the box, the trunk, the trading post or whatever their resale area is called.

Check out the full original post and while I might have added a few of my replies to a comment to the post, I think it continues to be an issue nine years later.



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