Section NE-2A 2014? Jacket Patch

Here is an undated Jacket Patch from Section NE-2A with a white border. They did a gray bordered version in 2012 and an orange bordered version in 2015.

So that would seem to make this 2013 or 2014. Can anyone confirm the date of issue?

Section NE-2A 2014? Jacket Patch

Section NE-2A 2014? Jacket Patch

Does anyone know if there is a white bordered pocket patch?

Section NE-2A contains:

  • Tschitani #10 CT
  • Half Moon #28 NY
  • Pocumtuc #(83) MA
  • Nacha Nimat #86 NY
  • Owaneco #313 CT
  • Paugassett #553 CT


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  1. J. Groves says:

    The white-bordered JP was ordered/issued in 2015 (I believe AFTER the 2015 Conclave where the centennial JP stock was sold out). A white-bordered PP was listed on the 2016 conclave pre-order form, but did not arrive in time for the conclave in June. The section promised to fulfill the orders by mail when available.

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