Tkaen DoD Lodge #30 2015 NOAC Fundraiser Set S38 X9

I’ve have been told, Tkaen DoD Lodge #30 issued 3 two-piece sets for the 2015 NOAC, held at East Lansing Michigan. There was a trader with a purple Mylar Border, a contingent Fundraiser set with a Yellow Border and a limited Delegate Set with a Gold Mylar Border.

Looking for a good scan and a trade/purchase for the Gold Mylar set.
Update July 2016 Peter Rief, the Tkaen Dod Lodge advisor send along the order breakdown:
There were a total of 500 sets produced broken down as follows:
35 Contingent member sets with gold mylar border
265 Trader sets with purple border
200 Fundraiser sets with yellow border

Here is the Contingent Fundraiser set:

Tkaen DoD Lodge #30 2015 NOAC Contingent S38 X9

Tkaen DoD Lodge #30 2015 NOAC Contingent S38 X9

The stats are:
S38 YEL R M/C BLK YEL FDL; RED WWW, WHT outlined BLK NOAC 2015 E. Lansing, MI OA100 Logo w/X9 – Fundraiser
X9 YEL R LPR – WHT FDL; WHT Honoring Our Heritage OA100 Logo w/S38 – Fundraiser

Looking for the Gold Mylar Version

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