New GNYC 2016 FOS Sets Available

Gene Berman provides the following information and scan of a new set of Friends of Scouting CSP’s from GNYC, and for a limited time such a deal.

Greater New York Councils has issued the FOS series for 2016. There are 7 patches in the set as there has been the past few years.

The purpose of the patches is a recognition to those that contribute to the Council Friends of Scouting (FOS)campaign. Each of the borough CSPs will be given for a donation of $50.

GNYC FOS 2016 001

There are six of them as Staten Island continues to produce a day scene and a night scene. The GNYC CSP is given to those who have contributed $100. The grand total to own all of them is $400 which is 6 times $50 plus $100 for GNYC= $400.

They may be purchased all together or individually by calling the Greater New York Councils office at 212-242-1100 or the direct line to Joe Schiltz, Assistant Director of Field Service, (212) 651-2827, who is handling the FOS campaign.

SPECIAL NOTE…”SUCH A DEAL”. These patches were not intended to be sold as sets. They are intended for individual recognitions in the boroughs and the Council for donations in that venue.
However, I was able to convince the powers that be, that if I bundled together as a group for a discount, I could probably sell 10 sets and one I would buy to make 11 if we could give the collectors a break. Yop, I pay for them too. Therefore, I can offer the remaining 3 of those sets for $275 per set first come, first served. The hook I gave the council was they could make back most of their initial cost outlay, immediately. To date I have sold 8 sets and have 3 left. So if you are interested, please email me for details and a scan of the patches.

From the FOS Big Apple,
Gene Berman



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