It’s On Again – 2 Boy Scout councils vote to merge

I had previously written about the Revolutionary Trails Council (RTC) and the Otschodela Council (OC) proposed merger of the two Councils in my post Off Again On Again.

While the merger was overwhelmingly approved by the RTC, it only had a small majority in the OC vote. Apparently NY Law requires a 2/3 majority for this type of consolidation.

A new vote is scheduled for November 16, 2015.

Well the votes are in.

Two local Boy Scout councils have just voted on the plan to become one. The Otschodela Trails Council – based in Oneonta – and the Revolutionary Trails Council – based in Utica – have started the merger process.

The new larger council will serve 3400 scouts across six counties. The merger must be finalized by New York State and the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America.

It’s anticipated that the process will be completed in several months and that includes forming a new executive board. The corporate office and executive director’s office will be in Utica, but the Oneonta office will remain open.

Leaders say that the two councils can do more together than separately.

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From the Revolutionary Trails Scout Exec.

The Otschodela and Revolutionary Trails Councils of the Boy Scouts of America are pleased to announce that we have voted to merge our Councils. As a result, a new and larger Council will be created to serve over 3,400 youth across six counties in central New York. An Executive Board comprised equally of members from the two former councils will govern the new Council. As an exciting bonus for our youth, we will be reaching out to them for their input on the name of our great new Council.

Merger discussions began eight months ago around a shared goal of attracting more youth to Scouting and creating a better Scouting experience for all. As neighboring Councils, it was a logical step to reach out and work together.

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  1. Bro AJK says:

    Any rumors about realigning the NE Region?

  2. Bill says:

    I have not heard any rumors, has anyone else?

    Would expect the Lodges to recharter for 2016 as is, since the merger likely will not be effective before the recharter date.

    34 and 402 are both in the same section so that would not require a change. Unless the smaller Section size of the section (5 lodges to 4) would reduce the overall number of sections in the NER.

  3. BroAJK says:

    I am not used to 4 lodge sections in the NER. If this were in the WR, I wouldn’t question it. Given what’s happened to NJ and this, I think one might be coming.

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