Greater New York Councils will soon launch its new set of CSPs

Gene Berman recently posted this to Patch-L, I pass it along to those who may have an interest.

Greater New York Councils will soon launch its new set of CSPs, a set of 6 to include the Council itself and the five boroughs. Please be aware nothing is 100% finalized yet but the plan is that they will be authorized for regular uniform wear during the next year. The basic design will feature the Newly opened 1 WORLD TRADE CENTER KNOWN AS The Freedom Tower, and the Statue of Liberty as one would view it from the water looking uptown at the Battery and beyond to the Empire State Building in the distance.

When this idea was planned we had hoped to launch these patches on 9/12, at the GNYC Program Launch (Steakout) but due to artist issues and Patch mfg. issues it was not possible and the process is still with the council and the patch company working out the details of the artwork so it will be a while before launch. Nothing is cast in stone but there is a plan to first launch the regular edition of the six flaps so people can get them and wear them as soon as they become available and they would be available from NYC outlets such as the Council Office and Scout Shop in Staten Island at Pouch Camp as well as Camp Alpine.

A special commemorative set of the 6 with silver Mylar borders will be available as well but only in sets. Number of sets to be made has not been finalized yet but it will be around 100 sets. They will only be made once and not reordered. After about 6 months, or when GNYC runs out of its original order of regular issues it will be given to National supply for sale in all the National Supply outlets including the New York City Scout shop in Manhattan and will become the regular CSP. At the end of a year, the plan is for the boroughs to have the option of continuing to use this CSP or to return to their own unique CSPs. The plan is for the council to continue to use this as their regular CSP going forth into the future and replacing the current white twill with white border CSP with this new one.


For those interested in the September 11 commemorative CSP from GNYC, you can get them here.

GNYC Tower in Light CSP

GNYC Tower in Light CSP

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