GNYC OA Centennial CSP Sets

Greater New York Councils and the Ten Mile River Scout Museum have combined to produce two 5 – CSP sets to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.

There are two versions, the first is limited to 50 sets of 5 CSP’s with a Silver Mylar border. One each for the 5 Camps at TMR, Aquehonga, Family Camp, Headquarters, Keowa and Ranachqua. These are only available in sets and have the traditional Indian Cliffs design and the OA Centennial Logo. Sold on a first come, first served basis.

The second set has five different borders one for each camp, you can see the standard design below:

GNYC Camp Keowa OA Centennial CSP

GNYC Camp Keowa OA Centennial CSP

You can find an order form for both sets here.


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