State of the Hobby – 1948 Order of the Arrow Handbook

As some of you may know, one of my side collections is Order of the Arrow Handbooks. I maintain an online OAHB checklist of the ones I have and need.

Recently there was an auction on eBay for the first Order of the Arrow Handbook published in August 1948. This was the second auction from the last few months.

1948 OAHB

948 OAHB

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction for the next few months.

Bidding was spirited with 4 unique bidders and two bidders fighting it out at the end. the hammer came down at just under $ 130.00

Prior to 1989 has a code to determine which printing the book is from and the quantity of books printed. This code is normally listed beneath the copy right information. For example, 55M966 would indicate 55,000 thousand copies were printed in September 1966.

Since circa 1996, the easiest way to identify the edition of the handbook is to look for the name of the National Chief on the title page.

Looking to confirm if two more recent OA Handbooks were actually issued for these years and if so, I’m looking to purchase or trade for them.

2011 National Chief Jonathan Hillis
2014 National Chief Nick Dannemiller

Can anyone confirm if they have an OA Handbook with these National Chiefs?


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