Lowanne Nimat #219 NOAC Fundraiser J1

Lowanne Nimat Lodge #219 has issued the first of three fundraiser for the 2015 NOAC which also celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the OA and its Central New York heritage. While issued as a NOAC Fundraiser, it does not mention NOAC.

It a large Jacket Patch measuring 6 inches wide at its widest and over 13 inches tall. It is the first jacket patch issued by the lodge,

It depicts all of the predecessor lodges which has lead to today’s Lowanne Nimat. The base of the totem pole begins with the oldest predecessor lodge and continues to the current lodge. Each section of the totem pole utilizes a standard design which will be familiar to collectors of the earlier Lodges.

Lowanne Nimat #219 NOAC Fundraiser J1

Lowanne Nimat #219 NOAC Fundraiser J1

The stats should be:
J1 BRN C M/C RED BLK FDL; Red 2010 Totem Pole Design



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