Boy Scouts of America to Merge Scout Councils West Virginia

It was recently reported in Patch-L that Tri State Area Council will become a part of the Buckskin Council. Thal Coo Zyo Lodge #457 will likely become a chapter of Chi Hoota Wei Lodge #617. You can read about it in one of the local papers.

Local leaders with the Boy Scouts of America are in the process of merging scout councils based in Huntington and Charleston.

Jeff Purdy, scout executive for the Charleston-based Buckskin Council said the council could merge with the Huntington-based Tri-State Area Council effective July 1 if governing boards and leaders for both councils agree to the merger.

The Buckskin Council, with about 5,000 youth members, covers 19 counties in West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky, Purdy said. The Tri-State Area Council, with about 2,000 scouts, covers 10 counties in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

Tri-State Area Council President John Van Horn said national Boy Scout leadership urged the Huntington-based council to pursue a merger with the more financially secure Buckskin Council.
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It’s not quite a done deal yet, from Buckskin Council.

At a May 8 special meeting the Buckskin Council’s voting members (134 Chartered Organization Representatives and 78 Members-at-large) will act on a proposal to merge the Buckskin and Tri-State Area Councils. The Tri-State Area Council’s voting members will act on May 29. The Buckskin Council has about 5000 youth members in 23 counties of West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky and has its service center in Charleston. The Tri-State Area Council has about 2000 youth members in 10counties of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio and has its service center in Huntington. Both councils are not-for-profit organizations incorporated in West Virginia. If approved, the merger would occur on July 1.

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