Look Back – On Restrictions

A Look Back

In this era of trader, contingent, delegate, fundraiser, special super-duper double secret probations issues, I though It worth looking back to a post from August 2009, On Restrictions.

Rick Obermeyer originally posted this to Patch-L earlier this week and I thought it worth repeating again.

Q4: How do you feel about restrictions?
A4: That really isn’t in the context of this session, but since we have time, I’ll give you my personal opinions, if you like. I can’t speak on restrictions for everybody. That would be too presumptuous. I can only talk about what works for my own lodge back home. Shall I go ahead?

How my lodge feels about restrictions is based on some premises. The first premise is that we are all brothers in the Order of the Arrow. That is, equal brothers. We all got into the OA the same way, with election by others. If we have Brotherhood membership, that’s because we all individually made a personal promise to accept the challenge to cheerful service that was shown to us during the Ordeal. If we are Vigil, that is a sign given to indicate that others feel that we have done a decent job of keeping that personal promise we made to ourselves at Brotherhood.

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