Another 1995 Section NE-5 Conclave Update

I’d previously posted about the 1995 Section NE-5 Conclave, and recently posted about the conclave neckerchief. Todd Rogers left a comment that there were also several rockers issued for the conclave too.

Attached are images …and two of the “rockers” for 1995. The patch and rockers are Dustin’s picture from his collection. …Chris might also have the third rocker…I’ve never seen it but I think it says “service corps” or something similar.

Two of the rockers are pictured below:

NE-5 1995 Conclave Rockers

NE-5 1995 Conclave Rockers

Chirs Carlson sends along an image of what may be the particpation pin

I believe the participation award was a pin with the MGM Indian head logo. Although that logo was used quite frequently, and my memory is rusty.

NE 5 1995 participation pin

NE 5 1995 participation pin

Can anyone confirm the participation pin and provide an image of the third rocker if it exists?

Thanks to Todd and Chris for the scans. Anyone have them available for trade or sale?


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