Look Back – Fake BBS State Strip Discovered

Three years ago, I posted on a Fake Blue on Blue Air Scout State Strip discovered by Roy Weatherbee.

An Air Scout BBS 1/4 state strip (“MASS.”) was recently offered for sale on eBay. Bidding was heated, with two bidders topping $500 (four bidders over $300).

As Air Scout state strips are quite rare, I was surprised to receive a Second Chance offer at my (distant third) bid. Unfortunately, my luck was too good to be true, as the item (upon close inspection) turned out to be a modern counterfeit. (I don’t believe the seller was even aware, nor was any deceit intended, and my purchase was refunded immediately).

He provided a link showing the difference in the real and fake versions.

However, regardless of the source, these fake strips are out there, and I’ve prepared a document to explain the differences between these and the real McCoy. This info may be downloaded from the following link:

Lets be careful out there.

[phpbay]New York RWS, 10[/phpbay]

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  1. As a follow-up, I thought it was worth noting that the same seller later sent me a “MASS” RWS state strip of the same type/style manufacture (also fake, from the same punch pattern).

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