OA or Not OA? Haudenosaunee Lodge #19 Wakpominee Chapter Beaver Weekend 2004

Here is another unlisted chapter(?) item from Haudenosaunee Lodge #19’s Wakpominee Chapter issued for the 2004 Beaver Weekend. While there are several listed chapter patches from Wakpominee Chapter, this may be another of several discoveries of previously unlisted issues.

I’m of two minds with this one, and looking for the wisdom of the blog for information.

While it does not mention the lodge or chapter, Wakpominee Lodge and later Wakpominee Chapter issued Beaver Day/Weekend Patches from 1994 through at least 1995. The design of the patch is part of the scene depicted on the 19J2 (shown below)

Haudenosaunee 19J2

Haudenosaunee 19J2

and here is the patch in question:

Camp Wakpominee  Beaver Weekend 2004

Camp Wakpominee Beaver Weekend 2004

My inclination is to list it as:
Wakpominee eR2004-1 BLK R M/C – LBR FDL; YEL Camp Wakpominee Beaver Weekend 2004

Can anyone confirm who issues the patch? The Chapter?, The Lodge? The Camp?

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  1. Doug says:

    This is definitely an OA patch and actually has its origins pre-merge when it was Wakpominee 48. The lodge designed and executed the patch.

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