Kintecoying Lodge #4 Charter Member & First Flap S1

Kintecoying Lodge #4 held its Day One event yesterday to mark the merger of the 5 GNYC Lodges and the creation of the new combined lodge. As part of the festivities, the new flap design was revealed and put on sale for attending lodge members. The 5 rays from the sun represent the five founding lodges.

Kintecoying Lodge #4 Charter Member & First Flap S1

Kintecoying Lodge #4 Charter Member & First Flap S1

The stats should be:
S1 SMY R M/C M/C M/C FDL; FDL, Name, & WWW WHT outlined BLK, WHT Charter Member FF

Currently they are only available to lodge members at lodge events and meetings, but are otherwise not restricted. In addition they are available via mail order within the lodge and will be available out of council after May 31.

At the moment, I have some to trade for my recent first flap needs, new NYS OA issues or items from my need-lists.

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  1. Bernardo T. Alcudia says:

    Bill; I spoke to you about getting the new lodge flap you told me to go on line and get in touch with you. I was at TMR Saturday.

  2. nyoatrader says:

    You can find the flyer which is still valid here:
    Here is the order form =

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