Discovery – Otahnagon Lodge #172 Tsungani Chapter N1

John Pannell passed along an image of a previously unknown Otahnagon chapter issue he received from Peter Cosgriff a visitor to his site.

See attached neckerchief. I was a member of Otahnagon 172 –Tsungani Chapter which was basically Johnson City and Vestal NY members of 172. We had these neckerchiefs made around 1960 as I recall. Only about 100 were made (minimum silk screen order)
Ochenang Chapter had a Thistle as their chapter totem as I recall. I know they had neckerchiefs as well.

Otahnagon Lodge #172 Tsungani Chapter N1

Thanks to Peter for sharing this scan!

The stats for this should be
Tsungani N1 – – WHT RED – SSC; BLK WWW, Chapter

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